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Woman's Circle - World Wide Womb Blessing - with Bjorg-Ida Hoyem

  • Lotus Bay Yoga at Driftwood Living 1403 Anzac Pde Little Bay 2036 Australia (map)

Five times a year thousands of women around the world come together to do something extraordinary -  to share love, light and healing, and to awaken the Sacred Feminine within themselves and within the world through a World Wide Womb Blessing.

A Womb Blessing is an energy process to restore authentic feminine energy. It's a return back to the original pattern of female energies, exploring female authenticity, creativity, and spirituality. 

Through adaptation to society we loose contact and disconnect with the 4 female archetypes whom all woman consist of, The Maiden, The Mother, The Enchantress and The Crone, and move away from their energies. A Womb Blessing awakens these dormant energetic archetypes and raises the vibration of the Divine Feminine. It teaches us who we are as authentic woman, changing our awareness and strengthening our connection to the feminine. It energizes the female womb centre, the life mother, and helps centre, balance and root us to mother Earth.

To take part in this beautiful offering, there are a few easy steps to follow beforehand and bring $5 to contribute to light refreshments afterwards:

Firstly check in here:

Name *

THEN - It's vital that you:

1. Go to to register for the World Wide Womb Blessing.
When you come to the Womb Blessing Time, tick 12.00pm UK time, which will be 8.00pm Sydney time. You need to do this before 8pm Saturday 25/08 before international registration closes.

2. Once you've registered, Your Registration Confirmation Page contains a link to download documents with instructions and meditations -
Read through the information if you are new to the Womb Blessing, it will help you prepare to receive the healing energy of the Blessing.

3. What to bring on the night (along with your $5 for light refreshments):
- two small womb bowls (they can be any type of bowls or cups)
- a shawl or a scarf to place around your shoulders to create a sacred space and to bring your focus into your body

4. After the Womb Blessing
When you receive the Womb Blessing, a 28 day period of 'rebirth' takes place, where the energy continues to heal, energize and release old and unwanted patterns. These may be physical, emotional or spiritual. It has a detox effect that will last 2-3 days at most, and drinking lots of water with a dash of lemon juice will aid this process. Tiredness you may feel after is the integration of the changes in energy. Please be gentle with yourself, eat and drink healthily and do the Self-Healing Exercise every day for 5-10 minutes.

Bjorg-Ida Hoyem host of the Women's Circles with Lotus Bay Yoga

Bjorg-Ida Hoyem host of the Women's Circles with Lotus Bay Yoga


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