Amy Frasca Weidlich - Founder of Lotus Bay Yoga at Driftwood Living and The Wellness Office.

Amy Frasca Weidlich - Founder of Lotus Bay Yoga at Driftwood Living and The Wellness Office.


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Amy Weidlich Yoga Alliance International professional credentials RYT500, YIN100

Amy Weidlich Yoga Alliance International professional credentials RYT500, YIN100


Lotus Bay Yoga is a sanctuary for your heart's yoga practice. 


Created by RYT500hr Yoga Alliance teacher Amy Weidlich and shared with you. 

"I absolutely love to practice yoga in a class setting. It's always surprising and energising. As a yoga teacher, I enjoy nurturing the community aspect of my yoga classes and being able to delight my yogis on the mat with sequences that are fresh and insights that are heart felt.”

Lotus Bay Yoga has established an exciting partnership with Driftwood Living in Little Bay to bring a refreshing group practice opportunity to the heart of Little Bay Village. We bring together a range of teachers and their unique styles, along with an offering of classes for corporate groups, parents and couples. 

Yoga modalities Amy teaches include vinyasa flow, gentle flow and yin. I am particularly interested in the place where yoga philosophy meets traditional chinese medicine and modern physiological science. All of these perspectives inform the yoga practices I develop and teach.

Group classes are certainly one piece of the yoga/life pie that is particularly delicious. 

Another yummy slice of the yoga/life pie, is developing a home practice and bringing the ritual of yoga into your life in a way that specifically meets your own unique needs. As a yoga teacher, designing a practice with just you in mind, is very exciting for Amy and her team.

The Lotus Bay Yoga philosophy is to bring yoga to you, with an offering of short courses for individuals, couples or groups of friends, that can be tailored to the needs of the practitioners. We absolutely mean it when we say we create a practice that is a sanctuary for the heart's yoga practice, where sometimes it's important just to feel it and be in flow.

I'm especially proud that Australia voted to support marriage equality. It's my honour to support couples or individuals on their journey towards their marriages with a yoga practice that starts the ritual ahead of their big day. Developing the tools for a sacred union starts with our own self study and I'm delighted to celebrate and honour this path."

Amy Weidlich

Yoga Lineage:

I honour my yin yoga teacher Melanie McLaughlin for her deep insights and learned perspective of Taoist yoga and muscle meridian theory. I am honoured to be in her lineage and pay my deep respects to all of her teachers including Paul Grilley.

I wish to offer gratitude to my teacher of Yang Flow Dr Jeff Miller (Botannix Yoga) for his extraordinary wisdom that he so generously shares and for inspiring my love of yoga philosophy and Lotus Flow vinyasa style. Jeff's joy and understanding of the world and our humanity within is a most inspired gift. To Jasmin Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus NYC it’s always joyful, expressive and real when I sit with you as your student. Thank you.

Also I wish to honour the great friendship and wonderful discussions I share with Karen Milton (yin) and Lori Dahm (Goddess Flow).

Eve Grzybowski, the mother of yoga in Sydney with her foundation in the Iyengar way via the Sydney Yoga Centre in Surry Hills, which she then went on to develop her own women's style of yoga through Simply Yoga in Crows Nest - I can feel her voice in my heart when I teach. As my first yoga teacher, over so many years, I am filled with gratitude and honoured to be connected to your lineage and innovation. 

Nadine Richardson for her gift of Pre-Natal Yoga and approach to birth with her inspired She-Births which is changing so many families lives. For this and all of the original Dharma Shala community at Bondi Beach, including founder Rick Barnsdale who gifted me an original love of Vinyasa and Yogic Chanting, thank you.

I also wish to honour my teacher's teachers. For whom I am deeply touched by their knowledge and path and for whom I am grateful to Dr Jeff Miller's direct lineage, as he sought to discover the yoga path and then share this with his students. Dr Alana Kavalia, Donna Farhi, David Life & Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti Yoga, Jasmin Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus, Katie Manestas & Sally Kimpton. I honour you here as your teachings through my teachers and directly through your own words, in my reading and research, continue every day to nourish and inspire me and my students journey. 

 About Amy Weidlich:

Amy Weidlich nee Frasca has practiced yoga for over 20 years. Her mother Lyn was a keen practitioner of Karate, her Grandmother Nettie and Great Grandmother Elsie practiced yoga in Newcastle during the middle of last century and she honours her ancestral jing.  

Amy first discovered yoga for herself while working in documentary at SBS Television. The broadcaster would invite luminary yoga teacher Eve Grzybowski to teach each lunch time and what started for Amy as one class a week, quickly became four days a week and a way of life! 

Amy continued her media career, working to create documentaries and short drama projects with some of Australia and the world's most inspired factual story tellers. She has produced, directed, written and developed documentaries for SBS, ABC, ARTE France, France 5, CBC Canada and many other broadcasters around the world.

Along this path as a filmmaker, Amy was privileged to sit with Yolgnu Senior Medicine Women and eminent Artists both Aboriginal and Australian. She sat with midwives in Bali, Hindu priests and families, muslim sisters bike riding for peace in the Middle East, insightful Native Canadians and humble everyday Australians making a difference and sharing their insights. These friendships formed through the shared activity of story-telling, informed Amy's holistic view of the world and was a cherished life gift she now brings to her yoga teaching.

Amy also programmed content for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's international television channel. Selecting programs and content for broadcast across Asia. During this time, Amy was asked by Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to represent Australia in the international strategic track 2 conference, the Asia Pacific Roundtable as an emerging leader. She is also an Asia Education Foundation Ambassador, invited to encourage young Australians to study Asian culture and language in Australian High Schools.

All the while Amy's yoga life continued to be a constant, as she travelled, surfed, explored life and fell in love with her soul mate and now husband Oliver Weidlich.

Amy and Oliver live in Little Bay, in Sydney's southern Eastern Suburbs and have a 5 year old son Max. 

Amy Weidlich Principal Yogini Lotus Bay Yoga

Amy Weidlich Principal Yogini Lotus Bay Yoga


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Amy Weidlich, Founder

Lotus Bay Yoga wishes to pay our respect and honours the Bidgigal People of the Eora Nation. We acknowledge and honour the traditional owners past and present of the land surrounding Little Bay and La Perouse on which we live and practice yoga. We also honour the Elders past and present of all our Aboriginal People who everyday inspire and share their knowledge and culture.