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Meditation for Creativity Workshops by Lotus Bay Yoga for Corporate Teams

Meditation for Creativity Workshops by Lotus Bay Yoga for Corporate Teams


The Wellness Office


Our specialised workplace wellness practice is a collaboration by Amy Weidlich and Maria Aguilo Argos. Together we bring your organisation, teams and practitioners our 360 degree view of wellness within a corporate setting. The Wellness Office builds bespoke programs that engage your employees or yourself with ways of thriving across work, life and home environments, through a process of program development and ongoing coaching interactions.

What we specialise in:

  • Coaching for Executives, Managers & Practitioners

  • Team building interactions, that help groups of people reflect on their own agency to live, work, be in a way that’s nourishing

  • In house meditation, yoga and other fitness solutions in your corporate surrounds

  • Complete bespoke workplace packages so that you too can lead a Wellness Office and carry our branding in all of your HR collateral, to both retain and attract the best teams for your profession.

Happy Workplace by LBY

Workplace Meditation Workshops

Our Lotus Bay Yoga Founder Amy Weidlich brings a variety of Meditation workshops suitable for lunch time lecture series' or team building modules. Workplaces such as We Work , First Hand & Mobile Experience are just a few of the teams Amy has shared meditation insights with. 

Yoga To You - At Work

We are passionate about bringing yoga to the workplace, as it's just the place Amy first discovered a yoga practice many years ago at SBS. We have lunch time yoga packages to suit your team. 

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